Armelle Ledan

Social Innovation Project coordinator.

Armelle works across several European programmes and projects, mainly as the Project Coordinator of the SIC (Social Innovation Community) Horizon 2020 project (2016-2019), following the co-management of the Social Innovation Europe (SIE) platform with SIX (2014-2016), and now heading AEIDL’s Social Innovation Action Group (SIAG). She is an expert for the ESF Transnational Cooperation Network on ‘Learning & Skills’ since 2016 (and previously for the Transnational Network ‘Career & Age’).

In addition to social innovation and social economy, which are her main fields of expertise and interest, she is developing AEIDL’s activities regarding migrants’ integration from a local development perspective. Her Migrant integration expertise ranges from Senior export for the “Research for the Committee of the European Parliament (REGI) – “integrated use of ESI Funds to address social challenges” to coordinating and reviewing the EAFRD Projects Brochure on ‘Migrant and Refugee Inclusion’.

She is a social economy university lecturer in France (Master ESSAP and MIM).

After some years in Sudan, working for UNDP, she settled as an freelance consultant in Europe.

With a legal background (European legal studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, DEA European Law in Rennes) and a Master in Social and Solidarity Economy, Armelle is currently involved in academic research with the Montpellier University on social and territorial innovation.

Armelle speaks French, English, and elementary Spanish (and very basic Arabic).


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