“Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative” – quite a challenging title for our conference on 19 – 20 February 2014!

  • Faced with unprecedented change and a crisis that has left large sections of the population, especially young people, by the wayside;
  • With a Europe bowing down to austerity policies, and with a growing indifference or even hostility among citizens towards the European project,

it was obviously a great risk to call this conference “Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative”!

But at the end of the day, it was a great success, as witnessed not only by the number and diversity of participants, but also by their appreciation of the opportunity to meet up and engage in high-quality and friendly discussions. There was also a notable complementarity between the various contributions, and a general sense of optimism about the potential of local initiative.

“Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative” is obviously a long-term project. Here at AEIDL, we would like in the course of the coming years to play a significant role in this new project, working hand in hand with all those who, within our beautiful Europe, are working on promising initiatives helping to shape the future. Why not join us?


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